To the moon with the new Samsung?

Samsung released their latest product this year, the Samsung Galaxy S9. This is an upgrade from the S8 phone, which has gained a lot of popularity. Their new phone looks a lot like the Galaxy S8, but it has some upgrades you are likely to enjoy. It is a lot more costly compared to the previous version, but the improvements might justify the price. Briefly, the main differences between these two models lie in the areas of biometric security, frame, price, speakers, and camera.

Our review will cover everything you need to know about this phone and even give you recommendations.


• Weight: 163 grams
• Dimensions: 147.7 x 68.7 x 8.5 mm
• Size: 5.8 inches
• Internal Storage: 64 GB
• RAM: 4GB
• Battery: 3,000 mAh
• Camera: 12MP (rear), 8MP (front)


Although the Samsung Galaxy S9 has not hit the price mark of iPhone X, it is still one of the most expensive phones on the market right now. The Galaxy S9 Plus is even more expensive because of the slightly larger screen size. The phone was released on March 16th, so we should expect the price to fall after a while. Presently, it costs $719.99, AU$1,199 or 739 British pounds. This is what you will pay if you order the phone directly from Samsung. The price from retailers may be higher.

The cost on contract is currently priced at about $30 a month, and in the UK, you will need to pay around 40 pounds. You may have to pay some money upfront.

AR Emoji

This is another new feature that we noted in this handset. It is meant to copy the Animoji feature of iPhone devices, and because of the poorer front camera, you may not enjoy it as much. AR emoji simply lets you create avatars of yourself by taking pictures and customizing them so that they look like digital versions of you. The customization options are in the outfit, hair, and color of the skin.

You can develop these characters into GIFs. This helps to make the avatar look more like you since people will be able to see it from different angles. If your friends can’t identify the character as you, it won’t be any fun, so you should try and take clear pictures and customize them appropriately. These GIFs can be sent through WhatsApp and other compatible apps, but currently, cannot be shared through twitter.

If you are not particularly fond of GIFs, you can record a video instead, and the digital character will appear to speak.

Digital Assistant

Bixby is not a new feature, but it has certainly been improved significantly in this handset. The previous version was too slow and inaccurate, and most users simply chose to use Google Assistant instead. With the Galaxy S9, you will be able to access the digital assistant easily by pressing a button on the side of the phone. You can then present your command and release the button. Having the program turned off at all other times is highly convenient.

The Next Big Thing editorial team found it faster, although still slightly inaccurate. It is unlikely that you will be able to deliver complicated commands successfully. For example, the program may not be able to access an IM app and send a message to a particular friend or group. It will probably send a message with errors here and there and might send the message to the wrong person.

In case you need to translate anything, you can use Bixby Vision. It is a lot more accurate in this particular handset.

Biometric Security

The Samsung Galaxy S8 had multiple Biometric unlock options. You could use the fingerprint scanner, the iris scanner, or the facial recognition feature. Unfortunately, these were poorly developed in that version.

In the S9, the fingerprint scanner is positioned more conveniently, and you will not have to struggle to unlock your phone. The facial recognition feature has also been improved and can now scan your face a lot faster. The phone will scan your iris at the same time for a quicker process. Accuracy has also improved. Almost 100 percent of the time, you will be able to unlock your phone through facial recognition. However, it still performs poorly in low light. The face scan should also not be taken as a secure way to lock your phone since it only uses two-dimensional images.

Two Speakers

The Galaxy S9 is the first phone on the market to come with two speakers. One is positioned in the usual position at the bottom of the phone, and the other is located at the top. This increases the overall loudness of the sound, although it doesn’t affect the quality.

What Else is New in the Samsung Galaxy S9?

  • Design: The phone is made using Gorilla Glass 5 and is stronger than the previous version. Otherwise, the design is the same and can even be confused with the S8.
  • Screen: The maximum brightness of the screen has been boosted. Our team also appreciated the color reproduction, brightness, and sharpness of the screen.
  • Camera: The performance of the camera in low light is commendable. This is because of the lower aperture used.

Final Verdict

The Samsung Galaxy S9 was released recently and is currently one of the best handsets on the market. It is also one of the most expensive. The manufacturer justifies this price tag with the upgrades made from the previous S8 smartphone. One of the key improvements made to this phone is the Bixby digital assistant. It is now a lot more accurate and faster than before. The assistant is off by default, and you will have to press a button, make your command, then release the button. Another change is in the speakers. You now have two speakers; one at the bottom and another at the top. This makes the sound generally louder. Other notable improvements are in the biometric security, design, screen, and camera.

You should consider upgrading your phone to a Samsung Galaxy S9.