The Next Big Nootropic?

Nootropics are a type of medication known as a cognitive enhancer or, more commonly, a “smart drug.” There have been a number to hit the market. In fact, there can easily be two or three new ones coming out each month. These drugs run the gamut from fairly ordinary to rather sophisticated. One drug that was released in recent years is Qualia. As with other nootropics, the question arises as to where this new drug falls on the spectrum of cognitive enhancers.

The Neurohacker Collective, which is made up of people ranging from scientists to academics who are all passionate about optimized health, launched Qualia in April 2016. The collective has set about positioning itself as revolutionary within the world of nootropics.

Qualia is a supplement that is made up of 42 ingredients; these are split into two stacks. This is a different approach compared to some other nootropics that are currently on the market. For instance, the well-known product Alpha Brain contains a mere 12 ingredients and several of these are simply fillers.

Alpha Brain is respected within the world of nootropics. That is due to a placebo-controlled study that was conducted at the Boston Center for Memory. While the results were positive concerning the product, they do not necessarily mean that all of the 12 ingredients contained within Alpha Brain are beneficial. In fact, it may have been just one of the ingredients that caused the outcome of the study: the bacopa monnieri. Further, Alpha Brain’s maker, Onnit, has not been entirely transparent regarding the ingredients and doses contained within their product; instead, they have concealed this information under the umbrella of proprietary blends.

The story is similar with another nootropic as well. Optimind contains just 4 ingredients, and some of these are not effective in cognitive enhancement. As with Alpha Brain, the manufacturer of Optimind has chosen not to be entirely transparent with the doses of their ingredients. Instead, this information is masked under a proprietary “focus blend.”

How does Neurohacker compare to its competitors? The Neurohacker Collective has chosen a different path than some other manufacturers of nootropics. They have chosen to be transparent regarding the doses of all Neurohacker’s ingredients. Further, they have chosen to avoid filling up their drug with fillers.

Neurohacker has been created with quality ingredients. Not only is the product being made with ingredients already recognized for their cognitive enhancing properties, the Neurohacker Collective also chose to include ingredients that are a bit more cutting edge. Things such as noopept and centrophenoxine are among those such ingredients. The extent of their cognitive enhancing abilities are still being established, so their inclusion in this drug helps to set Neurohacker apart from its competition as being revolutionary in the world of nootropics.

The team behind this unusual drug is different as well. The management team that heads up the collective possess backgrounds that set them apart from those at other such companies. At the helm are Jordan Greenhall, James Schmachtenberger, and Daniel Schmachtenberger.

Jordan Greenhall is the CEO. He is noted for having developed disruptive technologies such as video codec products brand DivX. Among his interests are complex systems and artificial intelligence.

James Schmachtenberger is a co-founder of the collective. His past includes being very active in the fight to bring medical marijuana to the state of California.

Daniel Schmachtenberger is the third member of the trio. His work experience has been at major think tanks. Within that capacity, he gained a lot of experience disrupting industries.

This management team’s credentials would be impressive in their own right. However, that is not all there is to the Neurohacker Collective. This team works with other talented individuals, including scientists and doctors from Stanford University, to pursue a forward thinking path in pursuit of radically altering humankind for the better. That includes, but is not limited to, cognitive enhancement.

The difference between the Neurohacker Collective and others within the world of nootropics can also be seen in terms of how Qualia has been funded. The collective, unlike many others engaged in the world of supplements, have been open with their finances.

Qualia has been funded differently than many other nootropics. It has the distinction of being one of the first such drugs to be crowdfunded at a later stage. This was done via a WeFunder campaign in which the Neurohacker Collective opened up their books to allow consumers to know more about the company that they support and to give them the opportunity to own equity in that company.

Where Qualia eventually falls within the world of nootropics has yet to be seen. However, what is already clear is that it has already been set on a path quite different from other cognitive enhancers.