Jetsurf, no waves needed!

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Humanity follows many pursuits such as the pursuit of greatness, the pursuit of happiness, or the pursuit of adventure. But by far the most common pursuit humanity has chased over the course of history is the need to push faster than we’ve ever gone before. When walking wasn’t fast enough we ran and when running wasn’t enough we created the wheel. And then we realized we could go faster still. Cars followed horse-drawn carriages. Steam powered trains were followed by electric trains, and even the power of flight left humanity looking up at the stars and dreaming of travel faster than the speed of light. So, really, it’s no surprise that since humanity created the surfboard, we have asked ourselves “how can I make this faster?”

The answer to this question, of course, was motorization. Just like motorizing carriages and trains was the next step towards greater speed for transportation, it was also the most natural next step for enhancing the surfboard. The idea of motorizing surfboards is also not a new concept. The concept has been attempted multiple times since the 1930’s when motorized boards were used in Australia as a lifeguard’s tool. But just because it can be imagined does not mean it can be made, and just because it can be made, doesn’t mean it can be made right. These early models suffered from technology that wasn’t advanced enough to match the human imagination. They were too heavy and not nearly powerful enough to fulfill the vision for a motorized surfboard. Ultimately, each attempt lost out to the Jet Ski. But that wasn’t the end of the dream. Sometimes, all it takes is time, technological advancement, and ingenuity to expose an idea’s fullest potential. This trifecta of qualities is exactly what the creator of the JetSurf had working in his favor.

Martin Sula, an engineer, developer, and watersports enthusiast founded JetSurf in 2008. Putting to use his background in hydrodynamics and electrical engineering, he created the first JetSurf, a motorized surfboard that surpassed all the competition in its field. Sula’s creation elegantly merged the concepts of the surfboard and the Jet Ski and took the idea of an efficient, motorized surfboard out of the realm of imagination and into the realm of reality. With a powerful engine, light construction, and a handle for precise control, Sula’s creation was like no other. The JetSurf, inspired by Sula’s brilliant engineering, was so sleek, effective, and dynamic that it overshadowed all other attempts that had come before it.

Sleekness, dynamics, and effectiveness are not the JetSurf’s only shining qualities though. Its top speeds are also above and beyond those of the industry standard. The JetSurf’s speeds are not at all for the faint of heart. It can carve over the surface of the water, rough or smooth, at speeds reaching up to 33 mph. This makes safety measures such as motor cross helmets a smart investment. These incredible speeds are possible due to its uniquely designed two-stroke 86 cubic centimeter engine. This product of brilliant engineering allows for a total of 12 HP and a cruising time of at least 40 minutes at full throttle. This hardy, powerful board is also crafted from carbon and Kevlar for strength and stability. Thanks to the craftsmanship of its engine, its tenacity, and durability, the JetSurf can be used in any water conditions and can handle even steep waves.

Masterfully designed by our F1 and MotoGP racing engineers, the JetSurf is made to be fast, powerful, and durable. But we have crafted the JetSurf to be even more than just this. Early attempts to make motorized boards of this type were far too heavy and cumbersome, proving that it’s not enough to be strong. That is why we’ve designed the JetSurf to not only the most powerful motorized surfboard in its category but also to be the lightest. Thanks to its compact engine and featherweight carbon fiber body, the board is extremely lightweight and is built for convenience and ease of transportation. It’s final weight checks in at only 30 pounds. These features lend themselves to two huge advantages over competing products. Firstly, a board as light as the JetSurf handles smoothly and easily in the water. For a second added bonus, its weight makes it convenient and easy to transport. It is the first motorized, personal watercraft that is compact enough to be checked as luggage on a commercial flight. This means that the JetSurf can just as easily be transported from your home to the nearest lake, as it can be taken from one side of the world to another. It requires no special licensing or permits, which means you will be able to bring your JetSurf with you no matter where in the world your adventure seeking takes you.

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