The Next Big Thing In Portable Gaming?

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First Impressions

Time and time again Razer has presented us with unbelievable concept gaming devices. At CES 2017, we were able to test their latest creation, a new mega laptop. Project Valerie is a mammoth of a laptop with a total of three screens. Though this new laptop is a concept, it could be ready for consumer purchase in the near future. We’ve been able to look Razer’s new concept over and we even had the privilege to try it out with games. The Razer Blade Pro is a similar laptop of sorts; however, it is not the same. The framework of the Project Valerie concept is based off the current 17.3-inch Razer Blade Pro, but the design of Project Valerie’s screen has been given a full makeover.

At 100% RGB color, the screen features 4K IGZO housed within a fresh new lid. This can also be found in the Razer Blade Pro. At a thicker width, Project Valerie now is responsible for holding not only one but three screens. As per usual there is the main panel. Behind the main panel there are two more panels. All three have a 17-inch display. The two extra panels are the same as the main display and are connected by moving arms that slide the panels in and out from behind the main display. We’ve been told by Razer that upon hitting the market this mechanism will be slightly different. Instead the added screens will be expelled by the press of a button or through onboard software. This apparatus has yet to be seen, but we are excited to see the added detail.

The extra panels have been wrought with Chroma lighting beneath each for added effects. The lights will work in conjunction with just about any game, as long as the game supports Razer lighting technology. Razer has always been known to add cool effects to their products, and we don’t expect them to stop any time soon. Once the new screens have been ejected on either side of the main screen, the wings glow in Razer’s standout color, green.

Performance Quality

We were not given the full specs on Project Valerie. That is to be expected when testing out any concept device. The little detail that we were given claims that we were playing on a prototype version that was stocked with an Nvidia GTX 1080 chip. Recalling having had trouble playing 4K games at Ultra settings on the Blade Pro, which was only responsible for handling one screen, we were a bit hesitant to believe this piece of information. The GTX 1080 chip performed considerably well with games at Ultra settings on the new concept device. While advancing through a war zone inside a tank on Battlefield 1, we experienced no lag in frame rate or image quality. We aren’t sure if this was a result of the screens being precisely in tune with each other or if it was due to the amazing mobile graphics of Nvidia.

This is the loudest gaming laptop we’ve ever played, and we never expected for it to be quiet. This device was created to send high graphics to not only one but three panels all at once. Though the loudness is a given, any player not wearing gaming headphones will be disappointed.

Other than the three 4K IGZO displays, Razer isn’t releasing too many other specifications regarding Project Valerie. The product is expected to weigh on the heavier side anywhere from 10 to 12 pounds. If this laptop can take the place of a desktop, maybe the added weight is worth the exchange.

Thoughts Concluded

Project Valerie is a wonderful follow-up to the Blade Pro. Being extremely close to production and housing some amazing features, the three 4K IGZO screens have earned this device the recognition of being the most exciting gaming concept from Razer thus far. Feeding off the public’s reaction, the concept may undergo a few changes by the time it is available for release.

It hasn’t been the easiest accepting that a device housing only one mobile graphics chip, can singlehandedly support three 4K gaming screens at the highest settings all at once. We are looking forward to the day that we get to fully test out Razer’s new hardware, and hopefully buy one. They have truly accomplished something amazing.

Project Valerie is nearing its release and Razer is looking for feedback from the community. Please leave insightful feedback below on your thoughts of Project Valerie, Razer’s new mega laptop.