Next Big Thing For DJ’s just launched?

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After more than two and a half long awaited years, it’s finally back. Pioneer DJ has delivered the following installment of the beloved XDJ-RX. Announcing the brand new XDJ-RX2! The latest system is left with a lot of the aspects of the Nexus 2, a lot like the initial release did with the Nexus 1 line. Our Next Big Thing editorial team will be sharing their perspectives on its new features. Including why you’d want to upgrade, and our tests with this unit.


The XDJ-RX was groundbreaking. It turned out to be the first popular all-in-one Rekordbox unit in the industry for DJs. Of course, the XDJ-R1 was there before, as well as the XDJ-Aero. Both of them combined were not as embraced with open arms as the RX1 on the flipside. This gave the community a compressed at-home rig that didn’t the need a laptop to operate. Not only that, they were able to train themselves for the club using a Rekordbox at their own places.


When we started working with the XDJ-RX2, we immediately noticed differences. From the previous units, the differences were obvious. The RX2 includes 8 RGB pads per deck, contrary to the first one which ended up using 4 responsive, button style pads. The latest buttons seem a lot like traditional pads, allowing it feel like the other Pioneer DJ array of controllers.


The next thing we noticed was that Pioneer altered the mixer button and knob arrangement. While using it, they felt thicker and more robust, arriving at the norm that the Nexus2 system set. Another thing was the square grid layout the Sound Color FX now has. This turns the tables on the vertical arrangement from the first RX. The RX2 has a similar layout, as well as knobs and effects as the new Pioneer DJM-750MK2, to be sure. This is a good move on their part. It seems like a much more select brand, and it isn’t afflicted with what some might call “budget controller syndrome”.


They’ve also extracted the same touchscreen and neighboring controls from the CDJ-2000NXS2. With the touchscreen, DJs gain the ability to use the QWERTY search, the needle search, and the track-filter. The track-filter is also used through the browse knob next to the screen. This is contrary to the lousy navigation knob in the middle of the mixer on the RX1. Additionally, they’ve improved the buttons of the source option and style. It now matches those on the Nexus 2.

Pioneer DJ is promoting their Rekordbox DJ program like a mad-man right now. This means the RX2 includes a free key for the software. As such, for those who want to perform with a laptop, you’ve got open entry to the options afforded by Rekordbox DJ. Besides that, you can also connect to the less demanding Rekordbox software on your computer with an external storage device. That means you can export songs of your own selection onto the decks


An extra compelling component is the inclusion of Rekordbox Video. If you have the license to use the software (some machines come arranged with one), you will be able to mix video with the RX2. As nice as that is, for some the RX2 won’t include Rekordbox DVS compatibility. If that happens to be you, you’ll want an exterior sound card to operate turntables or peripheral CD readers with DVS.


Moreover, Pioneer DJ has chosen to take out the Ethernet component in the rear. So that, of course, there’s nothing to connect with if you were going to link this to a larger rig. Still, this was not the case with the original RX whilst linked to CDJs either. To us, it’s an intentional exclusion, because most performers are going to use it in its present condition anyway.


If the RX1 is something that you own, the accessibility aspects of this won’t be ample value to make you buy the XDJ-RX2 by itself. What will pop out for those interested will be the high-quality pads and the extra Rekordbox DJ programs that give you the most bang for your buck. For those types of people, it’d be a great injustice to not to get yourself one of these setups. To those people who were skeptical about purchasing the XDJ-RX1 in the first place, there are still benefits. You are still receiving the finest pieces of the Nexus2 setup for more than a quarter of the price. It’s a sound decision in the end, and we don’t see any sense in not jumping on the latest system.