The Next Big Thing for Frequent Flyers

Whether it’s for business or simple pleasure, people who travel on a regular basis can understand the true value of attaining comfortable and convenient flights. We all dread having to deal with commercial airports and the process of shuffling through security, bustling terminals, and crowded planes. Anyone who has flown in a private jet, however, can appreciate the obvious difference in the quality of the whole flight experience. Fortunately, we recently discovered an excellent solution for frequent fliers that provides a more convenient, efficient, and enjoyable flight experience. We would like to introduce our readers to this innovative service called JetSmarter. Through the use of the JetSmarter service, anyone can now opt for private jet travel. By becoming a member of the JetSmarter community, we can now have unprecedented access to private jet travel. People no longer have to rent out an entire shuttle to fly privately, given JetSmarter’s options for shared flights and empty leg flights. To gain a better understanding of their company, we researched JetSmarter and the unique services that they offer. A JetSmarter membership may be pricy, but it can serve as a useful alternative to commercial flights for frequent fliers.


While the pricing may seem daunting at first, it’s actually quite reasonable for people who travel frequently. There is an initiation fee of $3,000 and varied annual membership fees. For an individual, including one seat flights, the annual membership fee is roughly $5,000. For a family, including four seat flights, the annual membership fee is roughly $10,000. Rates for business memberships are subject to vary, so a quote is required in this case. There are no hidden fees or additional costs. In fact, there are unlimited shuttle flights and empty leg flights available to members after purchasing one of the various memberships. Knowing this, members will almost certainly look for as many opportunities to fly as possible. In addition to getting their money’s worth out of the service, people also enjoy the ease of flying with JetSmarter. The ability to show up at the airport and be ready to fly within fifteen minutes can be very enticing for people who value their time. Between the shared flights, JetSmarter’s shuttle service between certain cities, and empty leg flights, people no longer have to be extraordinarily wealthy in order to utilize private jets.


The JetSmarter members create flights to and from over 170 countries around the world. In addition to this, the shuttle service also covers routes between major cities such as New York and Los Angeles. JetSmarter has been trying to expand their shuttle routes to include other areas as well. If a person does not live near their existing shuttle routes, then they can still benefit from the option to utilize empty leg flights which head in practically every direction. In certain cities, they even offer helicopter transfers to the airport. Combined with the flexibility of acquiring flights at a short notice, this helicopter service can allow users to avoid traffic and save a tremendous amount of time and effort.

The JetSmarter app is also aesthetically designed and offers a rather user friendly interface. Members can simply choose a flight, choose a date, and then receive their confirmation within minutes. The available flight options are updated daily and it is easy to schedule last minute flights. This sort of flexibility alone makes the service worth investigating. Many people sign up thinking that the service will simply be a luxury, but they actually end up recouping their investment through the number of flights they take. While this service may not be ideal for people who just fly on occasion, it could prove vastly beneficial for people who regularly travel in between cities for work or for leisure. Keep in mind that once a person switches to private jets, it can be very difficult to ever go back to commercial flights. The sheer difference in convenience and efficiency gets people hooked on private jets.


As JetSmarter has continued to partner with other companies and added more flight paths, their service has gained even greater utility. While the membership fees are slightly expensive, they can ultimately help save time and money for people who fly often anyway. Avoiding the hassle of dealing with commercial airports is an important feature for people who value their time. Private flights provide this luxury of convenience and JetSmarter has made it available for a reasonable price. An added benefit of utilizing JetSmarter is the opportunity to meet friendly staff members and interesting passengers. Many people use JetSmarter for business, so it is a great place to meet entrepreneurs and network with other members. The global community of members is comprised of leaders in several industries, so it is an excellent place to form lasting connections and relationships.