This Is Game-changing for Electric Skateboards

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Boosted Mini. We Create Vehicles, Not Toys.

With great excitement Boosted has released four new electric skateboards to follow up their popular line of Boosted Boards. Among the new electric skateboards is the Boosted Mini. This new Boosted Board is smaller in size and has a price starting at only $749.

Boosted has been making boosted boards for many years. With all of the support from its users, they are in a position to build upon the current collection of boards and venture into a new generation of electric skateboards.

A little time spent on a Boosted Board will open your eyes to how well crafted these electric boards are. The creation of Boosted Boards has started a wave of electric skateboard production. Boards are ranging from small to large and there are many differing in performance. With all of the new electric boards on the scene, few are of the same quality level as the boards created by Boosted.

With the standards set so high, Boosted has set the price of their entry-level Boosted Board at $1299. As a result, many consumers are asking Boosted to release an electric skateboard that is much less expensive.

The Boosted Mini S is two pounds lighter than the 17 pound original boosted board. The Boosted Mini is also 8.5 inches shorter than the original Boosted Board. It is 29.5 inches long compared to the alternative electric longboard.

We have been informed by one of Boosted’s industrial designers, Levi Price, that outside companies no longer design any of the Boosted parts. Instead all parts are designed by Boosted designers.

Old-school skateboards play a big role in the design of the Boosted Mini boards. The design includes an 80’s concave design with a kicktail, and the shape of the board allows you to keep your feet grounded for precise maneuvering when turning close corners. The new materials of fiberglass and bamboo are at the core of the decks new design. A new composite material often found in high-end snowboards has also been incorporated into the build of the new Mini electric boards.

The off-the-shelf wheels have been replaced by 80mm Boosted Lunar wheels. These new wheels are designed to last for a longer period of time throughout normal wear and tear. They grip the ground better and have an extended riding time. CNC’d metal is incorporated over the traditional casts into the trucks for a more durable build.

With these new improvements the performance of each board continues to stand. Most boards that come in smaller sizes are normally built with the less powerful hub-based motors. However, the Mini S is powered by the same belt-drive system. Some features of the Mini S include a riding range of up to seven miles, three alternate riding modes and an 18 mile per hour top speed.

For anyone looking for an increased riding range, check out the Mini X. This Boosted Board comes in at $999. Its top speed is 20 miles per hour and its range is double that of the Mini S. The Mini S can be spotted with orange wheels whereas the Mini X will have a grey wheel design.

Both the Mini boards are available for purchase and shipping will begin in the months of May and June.

To follow up to the two new Mini designs, Boosted is continuing the electric longboard line with two more designs to be released in the near future.

With its new construction the same materials have been put into the new design of the Boosted Plus longboard. The new longboard also has the same generous amount of flex needed for when you jump on the board. The overall build is an inch wider than the older longboards with newly constructed straight edges. The straight edges allow you to place your feet along the board without any interruptions or awkwardness. According to Price, the board has been re-engineered for better vibration and dampening when riding over various kinds of terrains.

Just as the Mini boards are fully designed by Boosted so are all the parts on the new Boosted Plus board. The only difference in the two boards are that the wheels on the Boosted Plus are bigger in size, coming in at 85mm. The 85mm wheels are the largest to ever be fitted on Boosted Boards. The original wheel size starts at 75mm and was increased to 80mm.

The four riding modes recognized in the older Boosted longboards have also been included in the new design of the Boosted Plus longboard. The top speed of the Boosted Plus is 22 miles per hour and its extended range is 14 miles.

The Boosted Plus price is at $1399. The new price is $200 cheaper than the previous model of the Dual+XR, coming in at $1599.

With the second newly designed longboard comes an even more powerfully designed Boosted Board. The Stealth is built in an all-over grey color scheme. The body and the wheels of the Stealth are grey. The speed tops out at 24 miles per hour and the range is the same as the Boosted Plus coming in at 14 miles tops. The price of the Stealth longboard is placed at $1599. Both the Stealth and Boosted Plus are set to be released to the public in late May and early June.

The CEO of Boosted, Jeff Russakow, has informed us that the Mini board was not created to jump on the wave of the creation of the recent smaller and less expensive boards being offered to the public by other companies. According to Russakow the four new Boosted Board designs were already in the process of being made for enthusiastic riders to enjoy. Russakow states that though many companies are making electric boards, they are merely toys.

Russakow informs us that the Mini is not a toy, but instead holds its own next to the longstanding longboards. The same power within that is within the longboards has been transferred to the smaller designs of the Mini boards.

“We build lightweight vehicles that are true vehicles,” says Russakow.

After trying out the new Mini down the hallways of our office, I noticed that the smaller board has the same power packed within its frame. From my experience with the board I believe there will be a lot of people excited to have one for themselves. It is much easier to carry. Though many will prefer the usual longboard, the Mini is an answer to a lot of people’s prayers.