About Us

Who are we?

Meet our team. We are 5 young tech entrepeneurs that are passionate about gadgets and finding The Next Big Thing. We all got our own companies, traveling the world, experiencing the power of the world wide web.

One thing we all had in common. Technology Gadgets. This is how The Next Big Thing began. We bundled our skills together and created the most advanced review system. We called it: The Next Big Thing.

The Next Big Thing reviews the newest companies and their gadgets. We are a hands-on team that will test and review everything in depth. The best thing about our site is, not only we review the products, you as a visitor does as well.

We created this system where you can vote if a company either “Will not make it” Or is “The Next Big Thing.

Browse our site for hundreds of new upcoming things! Make sure you vote for your favorites.


Our website started in spring 2016. We came a long way since then. Our site has thousands of unique visitors each month. With hundred of thousands of page-views. This means that our audience views more than one review, better yet, he views an average of ten companies.

The average visitor spends 17 minutes on our site and we have more than 75 thousand newsletters subscribers. This is growing by hundreds everyday.

As a start-up ourselves, we know how important good media is for your company. If you are interested in listing your company and product on our site, feel free to reach out to us via the “Submit your Company” page.

Keep in mind that we have tons of requests everyday, so impress us with your content. We promise to reply to every request.